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We can store electrical energy in two metal plates separated by an insulating medium. We call such a device a capacitor, or a condenser, and its ability to store electrical energy capacitance .It is measured in farads.
Electrical energy
Such a device
Its ability to store electrical energy
It (Capacitance )

A direct current is a current flowing always in the same direction.
Radiating from the earth, heat causes air currents to rise.
A body can more uniformly and in a straight line,there being no cause to change that motion.
Vibrating objects produce sound waves ,each vibration producing one sound wave.
In communications, the problem of electronics is how to convey information from one place to another.
Materials to be used for structural purposes are chosen so as to behave elastically in the environmental conditions.
There are different ways of changing energy from one form into another.
In making the radio waves correspond to each sound in turn, messages are carried from a broadcasting station to a receiving set.

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Archimedes first discovered the principle of displacement of water by solid bodies.
����of displacement of water by solid bodies ϵ���ʻ��ṹ��һ�������ͬλ��Ӿ䣬��һ��ǿ��displacement ��һ��ʵ��
The rotation of the earth on its own axis causes the change from day to night.
���ʻ��ṹthe rotation of the earth on its own axis ʹ���Ͼ�򻯳ɼ򵥾䣬����ʹ���ĸ������ȷ�����ܡ�
If you use firebricks round the walls of the boiler, the heat loss, can be considerably reduced.
Television is the transmission and reception of images of moving objects by radio waves.
���ʻ��ṹthe transmission and reception of images of moving objects by radio waves ǿ���͹���ʵ����"ν�ﶯ���������䷢��ͽ��ܵ�������

The forces due to friction are called frictional forces.
A call for paper is now being issued .
In this factory the only fuel available is coal.
In radiation, thermal energy is transformed into radiant energy ,similar in nature to light.
The air outside pressed the side in .
The force upward equals the force downward so that the balloon stays at the level.
The results obtained must be cheeked .
The heat produced is equal to the electrical energy wasted.
During construction, problems often arise which require design changes.
The molecules exert forces upon each other, which depend upon the distance between them.
Very wonderful changes in matter take place before our eyes every day to which we pay little attention.
(����Ӿ�to which we pay little attention ���ε���changes,����һ�ַָ����Ӿ䡣)
To make an atomic bomb we have to use uranium 235, in which all the atoms are available for fission.

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