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The pursuit of lasting happiness has long been a subject of interest for scientists and surveys alike.
����But what makes us really happy and what lasting benefits does happiness have��
����Well�� earlier this month�� scientists from the University of Illinois found the people who are happy and positive about life live longer.
����The researchers found "clear and compelling evidence" that happiness is key when it comes to better health and longer lifespans.
����Last month a British study�� which tracked members of 40��000 households across the country�� concluded that eating a family meal at least three times a week is the key to happiness because it helps build a strong bond between parents and their children.
����But happiness might be decided when you are born. Names can apparently predict how happy we are as individuals�� with researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University claiming in 2009 that people called Judy and Joshua enjoy life the most. Ben�� Andrew and Edward were seen as miserable names on the other hand.
����Married couples are most likely to be happy with their relationships�� according to the study�� which also found that the happiest relationships are those less than five years old between two university graduates who have no children.
����Research has also suggested that happiness begins at 50. A study from Stony Brook University�� New York�� found that stress�� anger and worry fade after your 50th. Women were also reported to suffer greater stress�� worry and sadness at all ages.
����Money makes the world go round�� but it is not the key to happiness�� according to other studies. In 2008�� a survey from the Office for National Statistics found that British families were healthier and twice as well off as they were 20 years ago�� but are no happier. However�� other studies have found money can buy you happiness after all�� but only if you spend it wisely. Indeed�� that might be why a good holiday can boost your happiness levels "for up to two months" after - although the break has to be "very relaxing" to have such an effect.

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