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Don't take yourself too seriously.
����Happiness is largely a choice.
����Feel gratitude for all of the good in your life.
����Once you have enough to pay for life’s basics think to yourself: “I’ve won.”
����Happiness is contagious: find someone who is happy and stand close to them.
����Play. Create.
����Happiness is attainable.
����Slow down and enjoy the scenery.
����Be spontaneous.
����Happiness is perched on your windowsill, invite it in.
����Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success.
����Surround yourself with positive, life-affirming people.
����Make others happy.
����Have big dreams.
����Enjoy the journey.
����Grab every single morsel of happiness which comes your way.
����Be on the look out for moments of pleasure and wonder.

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