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In the USA Forbes magazine has published its annual list of the richest people in the world. Bill Gates of Microsoft is the richest man again for the eleventh successive year with a fortune of forty-four billion dollars.
����There are a record 691 dollar billionaires according to Forbes magazine. Between them they have a fortune of two point two trillion dollars. The highest concentration of the ultra-rich is in New York followed by Moscow and San Fransisco and then London and Los Angeles. But in total the very wealthy live in forty seven different countries with Iceland Kazakstan��Ukraine and Poland entering the list for the first time this year.
����Laksmi Mittal an Indian born steel tycoon enjoyed the biggest increase in personal fortune. His net worth has quadrupled to thirteen billion dollars making him the world��third richest man. Ingvar Kamprad founder of the Swedish furniture chain Ikea also saw a big increase in wealth taking him to sixth place. Developing countries make more of a showing than in past years - there are for example three Russians and four Indians in the top sixty richest people��though surprisingly perhaps none from China excluding Hong Kong. Asian wealth is probably under-represented as its usually spread among families��whereas Forbes looks at individuals.
����Relatively few women feature in the list - among them is JK Rowling��author of the Harry Potter novels ranked 620th with a fortune of 519 million dollars. New entrants to the list include the founders of the internet search group Google Sergie Brin and Larry Page each worth more than seven billion dollars after their company��s recent stock market debut. The richest Italian is the prime minister Silvio Berlusconi ranked number 25 in the global wealth league.

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